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Would you take marketing advice from a psychic?Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it?Well, don’t make up your mind too quickly – I’ve got a true story to tell you that sounds like something right out of a Hollywood “spooky horror” flick!Dear Reader,My name is Bert BrawlerI’m a freelance copywriter that stumbled onto this almost "magic" like technology that completely convinced me that I don’t know anything about realityOf course I’m not trying to convince you that psychics are real (they’re not just to be clear)…But there is a science that I never knew existed until recently…A couple months back, I was scrolling on twitter when I came across a tweet that caught my eye…Sports betting ticketsSomeone had posted their winning tickets…I thought nothing of it and forgot about it until…a few days later…I see the same guy posting his winning plays again…so this time I investigate deeperI click on his profile and find out that’s he’s a numerologist"He’s a what?" I thoughtThis guy was claiming that he picked his tickets based on numerology…Huh?..."Sounds like BS,” I thoughtBut as I scrolled through his tweets I started to get more and more curious…Until finally…I ended up listening to his Jumpers Jump podcast interview…and maaaan was I BLOWN AWAY!I mean, I’m telling you, he dropped atomic bombs in that episodeI COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!He was saying things that I couldn’t possibly deny…and anyone else that hears him must agree or their opinion is simply invalid because they are clearly biasedThen he said something that took me from mind blown…to……absolutely…positively…out-of-this world…bone chillingEXCITEMENT!He said something so GRIPPING that I didn’t know how I didn’t burst into flames at that exact moment…Here’s what he said, “People born on the 28th are the most likely to become extremely wealthy”And guess who’s born on the 28th of July?That’s right…yours trulyPlus I’m an 8 life path…meaning, my birthday (month, day, year) all added up, equals 8…8 is the number of moneyAnd I’ll tell you what…Shoot me an email and I’ll send you my birth certificate, my driver’s license…and…I’ll even get my 67 year old mother to jump on a zoom call with you to verify my birthdayYou see, it’s not your fault copywriters/agencies haven’t worked out for you…Ask any business owner that’s worked with an agency and they’ll probably confess…it’s ROUGHHere's what one ecom director posted on Reddit:"Really frustrated with performance from multiple professional agencies and need some guidance please.
Hi everyone, in 2016 I joined a women's clothing brand in NYC as their ecommerce director / one-man-show. They had a basic outdated Magento store running and a free MailChimp account at the time, with nothing else. Keep in mind this brand is established and a well known (still growing) boutique brand who has a hearty wholesale business already, my job was to branch them into B2C. They went from bringing in about 3,000 a month in sales avg when I came onboard, and through building a platform, I've managed to bring that monthly sales average to around 40k / month within the past 2 and a half years or so.My problem now is that my organic growth has begin to taper off and I've been through multiple digital marketing ad agencies, and we've received less than decent results from both agencies thus far. We're actively involved in product marketing, create and own our own assets, and we're spending upward of 1,000 / week split between AdWords and FB/IG paid ads.I'll be very clear: I'm a developer who transitioned into a director role. I have no desire or time to dive into the complexities of digital marketing nor do I have an interest to. I do however want the money I'm spending on agency efforts to yield decent results.So this is where I'm stuck. Reviewing AdWords and FB Ad Manager is like hieroglyphics to me, however I do understand that on a few of our past FB ads we paid $25.00 for two click throughs, and that our audience has never been built properly and that we're just not performing well overall.Can someone please point me in the direction of how I go about finding someone or a group that actually knows what they're doing that could consult and handle this aspect of the ecomm portion of this business and isn't here to just sell me a dream? I don't know how to weed out who's full of shit and who has actual experience and expertise given I don't know marketing well enough to push back on strategy plans. I do know that I'm tired of low performing paid ads, and 30 page long reports every month where numbers are shuffled around to make it look like they're doing some sort of outstanding job. Please pardon my frustration here... any advice, help, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated."

You might’ve thought these frustrations are because:- Good help is hard to find- They were a young kid that didn’t understand business- They were unskilled- They were unreliable- They don't care, they just want $- These agencies/freelancer's businesses were just barely controlled chaosAnd of course all those things matter…But the REAL problem is that they were lacking something…And that something can only be given to you on THE DAY YOU WERE BORN!Just like in boxing, it’s known that you cannot teach someone to punch like Mike Tyson… powerful punchers are born that way…Success in business for yourself and for your partners hinges on this one CRUCIAL VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN secret…When you’re born, there is an energy attached to you and stays with you for the rest of your life…and mine just happens to be wealth/moneyWait wait wait…Hold up a second Mr. Brawler…How do you know this is true?What exactly did this man say to convince you this “numerology” stuff is real?J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”What if I told you that the most powerful and wealthiest people in the world ALL use numerology in their businesses…some use it without even knowing about it!Don’t believe me?I’ll prove it…here’s 8 reasons numerology is not only real…but can be used to give you an unfair advantage against all your competitors…1) Okay let’s start with the most cash rich company in the world…AppleApple has a staggering $200 Billion in cash reserves…and…who was the man that started this company – Steve JobsSteve jobs was born on 2/24/1955He started apple on 4/1/1976He incorporated 1/3/1977Why are these dates important?2+2+4+1+9+5+5 = 284+1+1+9+7+6 = 281+3+1+9+7+7 = 28Steve was born on the 28th then founded and incorporated his company on a 28 day.28 is the number of wealth…wealth means abundanceWell, apple is so abundant, I bet there’s a good chance you’re reading this on an apple phone or computerOr at least half the people you know use apple on a daily basis…So who else?2) How about Elon Musk?Elon musk announced he was going to buy twitter on April 25, 2022His offer was $44 BillionHe charges $8 for twitter blueAnd finally he closed on October 28, 20224+2+5+2+0+2+2 = 17 1+7 = 84+4+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 = 88 = 81+0+2+8+2+0+2+2 = 17 1+7 = 8Notice that the deal closed on the 28th also…That’s two billionaires downAnd you know what else…guess who else is born on the 28thThe richest man of this decade...Elon MuskBorn on 6/28/1971He’s currently the richest man in the world at a whopping 12 figures3) In the previous decade, the richest man was Bill GatesB looks like an 8Bill is born on 10/28/1955Another 284) Jeff Bezos is not born on the 28th nor does his birthday add up to 28 (life path number)...Aha got you there Bert!Not so fast…he may not have 28 energy but his ex wife MacKenzie Scott was born on 4/7/19704+7+1+9+7+0 = 28And since they were married and became one flesh, he used her 28 energy to build Amazon into the behemoth it has become.5) Gary Halbert is known as the Michael Jordan of direct response marketingHe’s the GCOAT…Greatest Copywriter Of All Time!Maybe you didn’t know that because you’re not as deep into the copy world as I am…I forgive you if you aren’t sure he is in fact the greatestHowever…you would have to be completely clueless to think he isn’t, at the very least, ONE of the greatest copywriters EVERGary was born on 6/12/19386+1+2+1+9+3+8 = 30 3+0 = 33 is the number of communication…What’s another way to describe copywriting? Persuasive communicationIt was almost as if Gary was born to be GREAT at copywriting!…He was using numerology without even knowing he was!6) You know what’s even crazier? Even nations are using this!The Chinese Olympics started on 8/8/2008 at exactly 8:08PMTwo years later, China went from the 5th biggest economy to the 2nd…and soon to be the 1st surpassing the USA7) The most valuable sports franchise in the world uses numerology alsoThe city of Dallas was granted an NFL franchise on January 28, 1960Again we have the 28th day of the month8) And finally the one that hurts me to share…from the man I learned all this from, Gary GrinbergHe’s the #1 numerologist in the world, the ONLY numerologist to ever be invited to the White House

He revealed the REAL reason that the record setting 2015-2016 season 73-9 of the Golden State Warriors didn't end with a championship.The year they surpassed Michael Jordan’s 72-10 season back in 1995-1996He knew that the Cavs were gonna do something unprecedented, something unfathomable, something so unusual…Something that was NEVER done before in NBA history...…that the Cavs were gonna make a historic comeback, down 3-1 in the NBA finals and win 3 straight games to ruin the Cinderella ending for all Warriors fans around the world…He called it TWO YEARS before Lebron and the Cavs did it!Peep the date

August 14, 2014He even doubled down and put more money on the Cavs when they went down…when everybody and they mama KNEW the Warriors was taking it all!But how?…NumerologyBut if you're a warriors fan (like me), all is not lost...He also helped the Warriors take 3 rings away from the GREAT Lebron JamesHe got everybody in that organization to agree to his methods...and...he helped them secure 3 championships!I remember seeing one of the key players on the warriors had this in his twitter bio back in 2016: GG33At the time, I dismissed it because I didn't know what it was...he was signaling that he was part of Gary Grinberg's numerology group.Gary has promised to reveal exactly how he helped the Warriors dominate the league, once this player retires...When does this stop being a coincidence? When does it become something…more?Hopefully, it’s opened your eyes to new possibilities you never knew about, just as it has mineIf you’re still not convinced?Please google all the dates and do the math yourself…You’ll see I’m not making any of these up…In fact, I have an exercise for you…Believe it or not, you can prove to yourself...this just may be realGo to facebook and look at the birthdays that end in 5, 14, 235 = 51+4 = 52+3 = 55 is the number of good looks…you’ll realize that all your best looking friends/family are born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rdMy nephew is the cutest thing God ever created……he was born on the 14th(I’d show you a picture but there’s too many creeps on the internet…no offense LOL)…And This is just the tip of the iceberg…it goes much MUCH MUCH DEEPER…Many more successful 10 figure wall street guys, hedge fund managers, professional athletes, celebrities, NBA insiders, high profile politicians, etc…ALL use numerology as their competitive advantage…But Bert, do you really believe in numerology?Isn’t this kinda…nuts?Yes it is…but I’ve seen so much evidence that I can’t lie to myself anymore……There is DEFINITELY something to this – I suspect we just don’t understand it yet“Magic is just science we don’t understand” – Arthur C. ClarkeWe can’t see sound waves but we know they exist because we hear sound.We can’t see the radio waves but we hear the talking and music coming from the radio.We can’t see the tv waves but we see and hear the live basketball game we’re watching.We see the effects of the these waves and that’s how we justify their existence.And what are waves but vibrations…energies that we can’t see.Just like we can’t see radio waves but see the effects, we can’t see the energy (waves) around numbers but we can see the effects…i.e. Elon Musk is a 28Bill Gates is a 28Jeff Bezos married a 28Here's the world's richest richest billionaires over the past 10 years...Check out how prolific 28 and/or 8 shows up

🟢 = 28LP or Born on 28th
đź”´ = 8LP or Born on 8th, 17th, 26th
B looks like an 8...also...there's 26 letters in the alphabet, if you continue with Capital Letters...Capital A = 27
Capital B = 28
🔵 = Bezos, Bernard, Buffett,
Brin, Ballmer, Bloomberg
Billionaire business men, nations, and multi-billion dollar sports franchises ALL use this…Heck even athletes benefit from this,12/30/19841+2+3+0+1+9+8+4 = 28This is Lebron James birthday, (he’s a Billionaire FYI)What does this all mean?...The bad news:You can’t go back in time and start your business on a 28 day…You can’t just marry a 28 partner…You can’t change your birthday…But here’s the good news: You can partner with someone in business that has the numbers on his sideYour competitors will be fighting you on just one front: The Mental Front…While you’ll be dominating them on two fronts, The Mental and Spiritual Front…all while being completely ethical(Talk about loading the dice in your favor!)They won’t know what you’re doing to win so much business…and…even if they did, they’ll brush it off as just silly hocus pocus…That will be their mistake…not yoursYou just need to find someone who was born on the 28th (Wealth Energy)Someone who’s an 8 life path (Money Energy)I wonder where you could find such a person?Hmmmmmmmm…It’s me of course!Just like Musk and Bezos (Ex wife I mean), I was born with wealth energy and by working with me, you’ll benefit from that energy too…Plus if you’ve read this far…then isn't that a testament of my copy skill?Combine that with numerology science and BOOM!You’ve got a smash #1 hit!You can’t lose…I can practically make you more conversions on accident!Now, I’m not an expert on numerology or metaphysics…Nor am I a spiritual teacher…I'm still a white belt in this area...but there is something to this…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that by working with me you’ll become a billionaire…Or that every single person born on the 28th is wealthy…But Gary taught me that 28 people do seem to find money just when they need it most…Take me for example, a few months back I was unemployed with no income coming in and my bills were due in a couple daysI didn’t know what I was going to do but that morning I check my email and much to my surprise it said there’s a check waiting for me at the office from my last jobHUH?I had ZERO idea that money was coming!Apparently, I was owed back pay for all the overtime hours I’d worked over the past 3 and half years from working there……It was just enough to pay my bills and I even had enough left over to head over to my favorite restaurant and pick up their spicy chicken I love so muchI thought it was just dumb luck…that is until…I came across Gary Grinberg and his numerology teachings…That being said…By partnering with me, you may possibly experience more growth, more conversions, and more sales than ever beforeMaybe it’s because of numerology?Maybe it’s because of my belief in numerology…a placebo effect that turns me into a high converting copy machineEither way, you have nothing to loseBottom line?This isn’t for everyoneI’m serious about this, tooIf you aren’t convinced, or at least open to the idea of numerology by now, then you might as well leave this pageHow can we work together if we have differing beliefs?Plus…I’m only looking for maximum 3 clients and that’s it.This isn’t fake scarcity either because it’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of peopleIf you procrastinate and come back to this page in a month, it might say something like, “I’m currently booked up, but submit your email and I’ll add you to my waiting list.”So if you’re looking for a copywriter that has something more in common with the richest billionaire in the world than millionaires do, I’m your man.Scroll down, click the "Schedule A Call" button and book a call with meTalk soon,Bert BrawlerP.S. Book a call with me RIGHT NOW…and on the call…I’ll tell you a numerology secret anyone can use TODAY to increase their sales!*…Even if we end up not working together!Best Part: No one will be the wiserYour customers won’t knowYour partners won’t knowYour family won’t knowThey’ll have no idea that you’re using this ancient technology…but you will……muw-ha ha ha ha